SHG Cyber Security Awareness and Training Campaign Officially Launched

In November 2022, it was announced that SHG will be launching its Cyber Security Awareness and Training Campaign for St Helena in the New Year. The project will  begin rolling out with effect from Monday13February 2023.

As the Island draws increasingly nearer to the realisation of fibre optic internet connectivity, which will bear many new benefits and opportunities, this improved connectivity will also see the number of cyber security threats to the Island increase significantly.

The goal of this campaign is to raise everyone’s  awareness on St Helena (all government staff and citizens more broadly) about the most prevalent cyber security threats they could encounter and provide the necessary knowledge and training to safeguard themselves and their organisations against these threats.

Although this is targeted at everyone, there will be particular focus initially on those involved within the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). These  areas include critical public services, such as health and law enforcement, the Island telecommunications network and the power network. The focus will then shift to the community in general, ensuring we are all prepared for enhanced internet connectivity. 

This will be achieved primarily through various workshops organized and conducted by SHG’s Cyber Security Awareness and Training Officer, Gareth Drabble. In addition to these workshops, other forms of communication via local media outlets, television and online platforms will be used to engage the wider community. Visits to schools, community centres and other venues are also planned.

Throughout the year the campaign will focus on a number of different cyber security threats and related topics, including online threats such as malware, social engineering, phishing, oversharing, cyber hygiene and other threats to data.

The community is asked to please support this extremely important campaign and to engage as far as possible in all relative forums. By doing so, they will develop the knowledge and skills needed to avoid either themselves or their organisations falling victim to cyber scams and criminals. 

2 February 2023

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470