News, Updates and Communications Survey Launched

SHG has today, Wednesday 15 March, launched a survey asking people what they think of the news, updates and communications provided by the government.

Government regularly publishes communications on public services, projects, vacancies and Ministerial activities, amongst others. By completing a survey form, either online or via hardcopy, you can tell us whether you receive information issued from SHG, if you do how you receive this information and whether or not the information provided is understandable.

The survey also asks what type of information people are interested in hearing about from government, and in what way they would most like to receive this.

Results from the survey will help SHG improve the current service it provides so please let us know what you want to hear about from SHG, how you want to hear about it and when you think you should hear about it.

The survey is available online through

Hard copies are available from a number of the shops and stores around the Island, as well as the Post Office, Public Library, New Horizons, the reception at the Castle, and the waiting areas at Hospital Outpatients and the Dental Clinic.

On the launch of the survey, Head of Communications Alasdair Bain said:

“SHG aims to provide timely, relevant and accessible updates to the public on the variety of work it has underway and the services that it provides. By completing this survey you’ll be letting us know what you think we do well and what we could do better.”

“Transparency in what the government is doing and how it is spending your money is vital, so the more people that complete the survey the better tailored SHG will be able to make its communications. This should then mean the material that we put out is more likely to reach the widest number of people possible and connect with those that it is aimed at.”

15 March 2023

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470