‘My Liver And Me’ Health Talks

The Island’s Dietitian, Sarah Mattinson, will be continuing the series of health talks in October with a session called ‘My Liver and Me’. The talk will be focused on a condition known as ‘fatty liver’.

Non-alcoholic liver disease or ‘fatty liver’ is caused by too much fat around the liver and is closely related to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and being overweight. If left untreated, further damage can happen which can then lead to liver cancer or liver failure.

During the daytime sessions there will be the opportunity to have a health check of you weight, height, body mass index, waist circumference and blood pressure. This will be available during the first 30 minutes of the sessions. Sarah will then give a short talk about how to reverse or halt further damage to your liver through some simple lifestyle changes.

The sessions will take place as follows:

Thursday, 19 October11am – 12pm Hospital Health Education Centre
Thursday, 19 October6pm – 7pmHospital Health Education Centre
Friday, 20 October1.30pm – 2.30pmLongwood Clinic
Thursday, 26October6pm – 7pmCCC Hall, Ladder Hill
Friday, 27October11am – 12pm Half Tree Hollow Community Centre

[Update] An additional session will take place on:

Monday, 30 October11am – 12pmLevelwood Clinic

To register your interest or find out more please email: Sarah.mattinson@sainthelena.gov.sh.

10 October 2023

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