Increased Agricultural Production Project – Construction of Storage Units and Animal Shelters

On 6 June 2022, funding of £380,000 was approved from the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP) to deliver the Increased Agricultural Production (IAP) Project.

The purpose of the project is to undertake infrastructure improvements on the SHG Agricultural Estate. This is being done to ensure the land and building resources are of a standard to allow the estate to significantly contribute to increase commercial and smallholder agricultural production activities. The project is being delivered over two financial years, 2022/23 and 2023/24.

Eight activities were identified to contribute to these improvements. These were: 

  1. Construction of storage units on pastures
  2. Construction of animal shelters on pastures
  3. Pastures cleared of invasive and non-native species
  4. Pastures secured with appropriate fencing
  5. Upgrade of 0.5km of access track at the Ex Agricultural Development Authority (ADA) Fields
  6. Installing rabbit proof fencing on 15 acres of land at the Ex ADA Fields
  7. Construction of a Toilet facility at the Ex ADA Fields
  8. Refurbishment of Poultry Units at Scotland and Farm Buildings

Over the next three weeks, releases will be published that focus on the progress made on delivering the eight activities listed above. This is an update on the construction of the storage units and animal shelters.

Construction of storage units on pastures

Of SHG held pastures, only two had storage units constructed on site. It was therefore identified that more pastures required adequate storage units to store resources such as tools, equipment, etc. for those using the pasture.  By having storage on site, tenants have better access to the required resources. This allows for efficient management of the pastureland, and enables them to respond towards the husbandry needs of the animals in a timely manner, contributing to overall increased production.

The following four pastures therefore had a storage unit constructed on site:    

Thompsons WoodFowler’s Construction£7,277.50March 2023
Loma CowenFowler’s Construction£7,277.50March 2023
Lemon Valley HeadHenry’s Building Construction£6,848.80March 2023
DeadwoodS.Doy Construction£6,183.05February 2023

Construction of animal shelters on pastures

There were only five pastures that had animal shelters located on site. It was identified that more pastures required adequate shelters for stock to be protected from inclement weather conditions.  Evidence suggests that animals tend to thrive better when they are housed in suitable conditions, becoming more productive.  The shelters also provide adequate protection for animals when they are unwell, and allow for better management and administration of treatments, again contributing to increased productivity

Therefore, the following three pastures had an animal shelter constructed on site:

High BanksHenry’s Building ConstructionSheep£5,694.50February 2023
Churchyard/Ball AlleyFowler’s ConstructionSheep£5,958.00March 2023
DeadwoodS.Doy ConstructionCow£12,415.90February 2023

All of these works will help to increase economic activities and productivity on the SHG agricultural estate.

Next week, focus will be on pastures cleared of invasive and non-native species and pastures secured with appropriate fencing. 

It should be noted that all contracts advertised under this project went out for open procurement and were only advertised locally.  This ensured that the tenders reached a wide range of the private-sector businesses.


13 July 2023

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