Parking in Jamestown During Festive Period

With the festive period around the corner, it is anticipated that the volume of vehicular traffic and pedestrians will increase in Jamestown, as people get in their Christmas shopping and attend events.

In light of previous experience at this time of year, a number of possible pinch points and obstructions have been identified. In order to alleviate these problem areas, a traffic management system will be put in place in town from Thursday 1 December 2022 until Tuesday 3 January 2023. The system will use barricades, cordon tape and other traffic signage.

Our main aim is always public safety and the management system is designed to ensure, as much as reasonably possible, free flowing traffic and the minimisation of congestion and obstructions in town.

What will the system look like?

The system will aim to ensure drivers adhere to current road restrictions, such as double yellow lines, whilst helping with general traffic flow.

No vehicles should be stopping or be at rest on the roundabout, so barricades will be placed on the side of the roundabout to prevent this from occurring.  

With Side Path road opening, more vehicles are likely to be parking on the pavement at Napoleon Street causing pedestrians to walk on the main road, potentially placing them in danger. A traffic management system will be in place in this area. Market Street can also become quite congested, so measures will be put into place there as well. 

All areas of Jamestown will be kept under monitor and put in place any necessary traffic management requirements to achieve our aim of public safety.

Police Inspector Jonathan Thomas said:

“Although the police have enforcement powers, it is hoped that these will not need to be used. Instead, with the cooperation and support of the community, using good judgment and consideration, we expect that motorists will park sensibly and not leave their vehicles in positions which will disrupt the free flow of traffic or cause unnecessary obstructions. As many will know, actions such as these create significant disruption and delay to others. With everyone’s cooperation, we will all have a safe and enjoyable festive season.”

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29 November 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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