Shortage of Medical Supplies

The Health Services Directorate would like to inform the public that the Pharmacy at the General Hospital is currently experiencing a temporary shortage of certain medical supplies, due to various logistical reasons.  Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have affected medical supply chains worldwide and medical professionals have controlled these situations by prescribing alternative medications for those that are unavailable at a certain time.

The Pharmacy will also follow this course of action until delayed stocks arrive via the MV Helena.  In cases where medications can be substituted with alternatives, this will be done so.   There will be cases where the dosage for certain medications will be changed to fulfil the patient’s prescription needs.  Pharmacy staff will explain any changes to all persons with prescriptions affected by this temporary shortage.      

Members of the public are advised that before any changes to medical treatments are issued by Pharmacy staff, the Pharmacist and Medical Officers on-Island will have given approval or provided advice. 

Any persons who may feel unwell or experience any side effects after taking any alternative medications are asked to report this to your doctor or the Pharmacist via tel: 22500. 

25 April 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470