Quarantine Exemption for engineer to complete commissioning of Oxygen Generation Plant

In March 2022, engineers from Schneider Electric, providers of energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability, arrived on St Helena to commission critical backup battery solutions at three sites on-Island, which accommodates equipment that delivers essential services.

Due to technical issues encountered during this previous visit, only one of the three sites were successfully commissioned.  St Helena Government (SHG) has therefore planned for one of the Schneider engineers to return to the Island on the upcoming flight arriving on Saturday, 23 April, and departing on Sunday, 24 April 2022.

The work to be carried out during this visit will be to complete the commissioning of the back-up battery solution for the Oxygen Generation Plant at Bradleys.  The commissioning can only be undertaken physically by a Schneider Engineer and, due to their limited availability, works will be undertaken on Saturday, 23 April, and if necessary continued on Sunday, 24 April. 

Executive Council has given approval for the engineer to be exempted from quarantine, following negative COVID-19 tests on arrival, to carry out the works required for the commissioning of the Oxygen Generation Plant back-up battery solution.  The exemption is granted subject to the condition that, when performing such work,  the engineer  must remain at the location where he was directed to isolate by the proper officer and must at all times comply with all other requirements as directed by the proper officer or the Director of  Health.

SHG and necessary personnel have carried out risk assessments for the Work Plan and all personnel involved have been briefed on the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures that will be implemented during works.

The public is advised that by 3pm on Friday, 22 April, areas near and within Bradley’s Facility will be cordoned off to demarcate a working area.  Due to the location of works it is highly unlikely that members of the public will encounter this area however if within the vicinity of the Bradleys Facility you are advised to please adhere to the cordoned areas. 

This work plays a vital role in the protection of essential equipment for St Helena and once the back-up battery solution is commissioned it will also facilitate run times for the Oxygen Generation Plant in the event of both planned and unplanned power outages. 

The Oxygen Generation Plant at Bradleys is required to be operational as part of St Helena’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan as well as a backup solution for the General Hospital.  


21 April 2022

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