Maldivia Car Park Project Completed

The public is advised that the Maldivia Car Park is now open for use. A total of 20 parks; 11 angled and 9 parallel, have been constructed.

In the first instance, 11 angled parks only were to be constructed under the EDIP Micro-Project given the £50,000 Micro-Project budget cap, however following a further £20,000 funding allocation, an additional 9 parallel parks were also constructed. This increased scope of work along with delays from adverse weather has resulted in the project being completed at a later date than originally anticipated, however this will allow for an additional 20 parks to be utilised in upper Jamestown which we hope will help to alleviate parking congestion in this area.    

A blessing ceremony, and reinterment of the bone that was extracted for archaeological purposes, will be undertaken in due course by Bishop Dale Bowers. 

There will also be some additional measures undertaken to mitigate against erosion of the exposed bank face including installation of netting and planting of vegetation. These activities will not cause any obstruction to those using the parks.

We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during these works and thanks are also extended to Clint Stevens’ Contractors for a job well done.

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26 May 2022

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