COVID-19 Vaccination Status update

The Health Services Directorate administered 3,322 COVID-19 vaccine doses between December 2021 and February 2022.

The 3,322 vaccines have been administered as follows:

  • 208 doses to persons aged 12 to 17 as their first dose, an estimated 89% of the total resident population in this group (as per the 2021 Census count).
  • 3,076 to adults as their third (or ‘booster’) dose. This is 83% of the adult eligible population and 69% of the total resident population.
  • The remaining 38 vaccines were administered to other persons as their first or second dose.

3,627 adults (around 97% of adults) received two doses of Astra Zeneca in the first phase of vaccinations.

During the month of March the Health Services Directorate continued COVID-19 vaccinations, focusing on children and young persons.  Groups of 12 to 17 year olds received their second dose and groups of 5 -11 year olds were offered and received their first dose of the Pediatric COVID-19 vaccine.  

Clinics continued last week to allow vaccines to be administered to children and young persons who had missed their initial appointments.    

Note to Editors: The data in this update are provisional.


5 April 2022

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