Final Chance to get on the Register of Electors

To be able to vote in this year’s General Election, stand to be a Councillor, or to sponsor or support someone to be a Councillor on St Helena, your name must be included on the Register of Electors. 

If your name is not already listed on the Register, this is a reminder to apply to have your name included. Persons eligible to be registered must:

  • Have St Helenian Status as defined in the Immigration Ordinance, 2011
  • Be 17 years of age or older with St Helena as their ordinary place of residence.

This is also the last opportunity to make any other amendments to the Register published on 21 June 2021.  For example, if you have changed your name or address or even if you are already registered but wish to vote in a different Electoral District, you should take this opportunity to update this information.

Applications should be submitted, by no later than 4pm on Thursday, 12 August 2021. Please note, applications received after this date will not be accepted for inclusion in the updated Register to be used in this year’s General Election.

Further information about registering and making amendments may be obtained from Registration Officer, Carol George, at the Castle on tel: 22470 or via email:

Persons who are on-Island and wish to make an amendment should complete Form A.  Persons who are temporarily off-Island should complete Form B; both forms can be obtained via the SHG website: alternatively Form A can be collected from any of the Assistant Registration Officers, they are:

Connie Johnson, Karen Yon, Robert Essex, Alicia Thomas, Olive Williams, Douglas Bennett, Jane Augustus, Michelle Yon, Brenda Thomas, Paula Moyce, Christina Henry, Ronald Coleman, Pamela Joshua, Anita Legg, Phyllis Coleman, Georgina Young, Elizabeth March, Jackie Moyce, Alfreda Yon, Stedson Francis, Gerrilyn Crowie (Ascension).

The final Register to be used in the General Election will be published in due course and the public will be made aware of this via a Press Release.

10 August 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470