Luis Soto – Scholarship Student

Luis Soto will soon be attending Solent University, Southampton, as a scholarship student. Learn more about what Luis is planning to study and the skills he is looking forward to bringing back to St Helena.

Why did you choose this field?

“I chose renewable energy engineering because I’ve always had an interest in mathematics, science and conservation. Through renewable energy engineering I can help St Helena develop its natural energy resources while protecting the Island’s natural environment.”

Why did you apply for the scholarship?

“I’ve applied for the scholarship because of my keen interest in further education.”

Are you looking forward to going to University? And Why?

“Yes I am, as this is a unique privilege which will allow me to learn new skills and techniques.”

What opportunities/experiences are you most looking forward to?

“Personally, I think that the idea of being able to study and also work in a large environment such as a University is what excites me the most as I would be able to work with new technologies as well as use advanced facilities for my studies.”

What are you hoping to bring back to the Island?

“Once my studies have concluded in the UK upon my return I hope to work in cooperation both with Connect Saint Helena and St Helena Government in helping St Helena develop into a 100% renewable energy Island.

How will University help your career path?

“University will be a gateway to new experiences in renewable energy technologies and ideas, this will open new opportunities for me as well as help me develop and grow as an individual.”

What skills are you hoping to develop?

“My chosen course will teach me the energy systems of tidal, wind and solar energy. Furthermore, I expect to acquire skills in power storage and distribution as well as in environmental management.”

How important is learning to you and how will learning impact St Helena?

“Learning is very important to me. This is seen in my academic achievements over the past few years where I’ve worked hard to achieve the highest possible grades. Upon my return to the Island I hope to influence other young individuals in pursuing similar academic paths.”

27 August 2021

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