Fishing Vessel Ramses Dous – Bradleys Medical Staff Boarding the vessel on Tuesday 6 April

The fishing vessel Ramses Dous remains in St Helena waters under quarantine conditions, following the identification of positive cases of COVID-19 on board. 

The vessel has delayed its onward journey in order to have ease of access to medical assistance, should this be required.

The quarantine period is due for review on Tuesday, 6 April.  The vessel will come alongside Rupert’s Jetty, for the purpose of swabbing.  The swabbing process will be carried out by the crew who have been instructed on the process at the previous boarding of medical staff. 

The swabbing will be overseen by the Doctor and Charge Nurse from Bradley’s Hospital,  these staff will not have any contact with any other SHG personnel during this operation. Whilst onboard the vessel, they will maintain the appropriate social distance and provide direction and oversight only, this is to ensure that the swabbing is carried out correctly by crew members. 

The use of the medical staff who have been involved with the Ramses Dous from the point of its arrival, reduces the number of personnel involved in the operation and significantly minimizes the risk.

The Doctor and Charge Nurse will be in a bubble arrangement whereby they will drive from Bradley’s Hospital to Rupert’s Wharf and return.  They will use a dedicated vehicle which will then enter quarantine with them.  This follows the procedures used for drive-through testing which members of the public will be familiar with.

A further update will follow in due course.

3 April 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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