World Oceans Day

Today, Tuesday 8 June 2021, is World Oceans Day – a day used to celebrate our ocean, the marine environment and to raise public awareness about how our actions can impact the ocean.

St Helena is surrounded by the rich waters of the South Atlantic and its marine environment supports a diverse array of marine life, including many endemic species. Nearly 780 marine species have so far been recorded in St Helena waters, 50 of which are endemic species.

Marine and Fisheries Conservation Officer, Rhys Hobbs, commented:

“In many ways the Island is dependent on the waters that surround it, providing an access route, for supplies, as well as supporting a range of commercial and recreational activities which both the residents and visitors participate in. We want to continue to ensure the ocean is able to be used and enjoyed now and by future generations.”

The Marine and Fisheries teams, supported by the Blue Belt Programme, are committed to ensuring the sustainability of St Helena’s 200Nm IUCN Category VI sustainable use Marine Protected Area. This is delivered via the Marine Management Plan through activities such as research, conservation, regulation, as well as engagement and partnership with stakeholders.

To find out more about the activities aimed at protecting and safeguarding our ocean, please visit the Marine Conservation Section of the SHG website via: and the Environmental Management Division’s Facebook page via:

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8 June 2021

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