St Helena Sea Rescue Team Undertakes Radar Training With HMS Protector

The St Helena Sea Rescue team participated in a RADAR (Radio, Detection and Ranging) training class on-board the HMS Protector on Saturday, 16 October 2021 (see photos attached). 

The class covered the components of different Radar systems, the basic operation of Radar systems, the limitations of Radar, how other systems complement the Radar to build the mariner’s awareness picture, and how to tune a Radar for different ranges, weather states, and target sizes. 

Emergency Planning and Sea Rescue Manager, Simon Wade, commented:

“Some members of the Sea Rescue team had undertaken Radar training in the past and it was great for them to refresh their skills, and for others, it was a great start to Radar operations as the navigators of our vessels.”

The Team was then able to visit the Bridge where they were given a demonstration and the opportunity to use a more powerful Radar system to track some of the local vessels using Jamestown Harbour – the team will take these basic skills learnt and apply them when operating the Radar systems on the Sea Rescue vessels.

The morning was finished off with a full tour of the ship which was enjoyed by all.

The Sea Rescue Service would like to say a huge thank you for a most enjoyable morning to the HMS Protector’s Officers and Crew, to Lt Paul Harsent who delivered the training and tour of the ship, and to the Governor’s Office for assisting in arranging the training.

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20 October 2021

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