St Helena Home Quarantine – Assessment of First Cycle

Home Quarantine (HQ) for all arrivals to St Helena with properties pre-approved by a Proper Officer was introduced from the arrival of the January Titan Airways flight.  

Key personnel involved in the Home Quarantine (HQ) process met recently to assess the first cycle of HQ undertaken following the flight in January. The majority of passengers arriving from both the UK and Ascension Island quarantined at home.

The general view is that HQ worked very well during this cycle with no major areas of concern and no reports of quarantine breaches. 

It was also noted that quarantine at Bradley’s Camp Facility was much improved due to the lower number of passengers in residence on this occasion. This was the general feedback from both passengers and staff at Bradleys. 

Significant planning had gone into the HQ process, not least the property assessments. Proper Officers visited each property proposed for HQ and tailored the guidance within the HQ policy to each property. Proper Officers are confident that these assessments will be achievable for any future flights. 

The Roaming Security Team (RST) was a new addition for this cycle of HQ and, from feedback received, made a significant contribution to the success of HQ. Communications between the RST and everyone involved worked well during the 15day period. This reflects the degree of inter-agency working and co-operation throughout the entire quarantine process.

The assessment concluded that the HQ process worked well and will continue to be used for future flights. Thanks are extended to all involved.

The testing regime for COVID-19 on St Helena, along with the mandatory quarantine process and the development of a vaccination programme for the Island form an essential and effective part of St Helena’s response to the virus.

10 February 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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