Environment & Natural Resources Committee And Highways Authority Meetings – Thursday, 18 February 2021

The monthly meetings of the Highways Authority and the Environment & Natural Resources Committee (ENRC) took place on Thursday, 18 February 2021.

The Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Directorate (ENRP) sought a decision to approve a draft Bill to amend the Environmental Protection Ordinance (EPO), 2016, following which support regulations would be drafted.

The objective of the EPO amendment is to make provision for the regulation of the use of artificial light at night for the protection of the natural environment and the night sky and for the reduction of energy waste and carbon emissions; and for connected and incidental purposes. By amending the EPO, the Bill sought to: provide for duties and functions in relation to the control and regulation of the use of artificial light at night; provide for an appeals process in respect of any decision by the Chief Environmental Officer for permission for temporary lighting, and in respect of a notice that has been issued by the Chief Environmental Officer to a person to remove, replace, shield or otherwise modify their specified lighting at night; enable development and implementation of a code of practice for the regulation of use of exterior light; provide for a process of exterior lighting exemptions from the application of the Ordinance; make provision for a period to be prescribed by which a person selling exterior lighting and sources to be prohibited may continue to sell such exterior lighting and sources to enable persons with such commercial stock to dispose of that stock; prohibit the use of specified exterior lighting and sources from use; provide for lighting reduction requirements and exemptions from lighting reduction requirements; and allow application for permission for temporary exterior lighting which would or the use of which would otherwise contravene this Ordinance.

The Committee approved the request for the draft Bill to be progressed and a short period of public consultation to be undertaken.

A paper by ENRP requesting the endorsement of the final draft Strategy for Compliance and Enforcement of Marine Operations in St Helena was approved by the Committee. The objective of the Strategy is to help inform marine stakeholders and the public as to how ENRP manages compliance and enforcement with regards to St Helena’s legislation for its marine environment. It outlines the need for regulation, the legal basis on which any regulation is put in place and the actions ENRP are taking to ensure compliance with such regulation.

A period of targeted consultation had been undertaken by ENRP with marine stakeholders and a record of consultation comments were provided to Committee. Comments and feedback on the draft Strategy had, where necessary, informed the final draft document.

The Strategy will be implemented with immediate effect and the Marine Enforcement Officer will be undertaking publicity and outreach on the Strategy and its intentions and actions.

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5 March 2021

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