Day Of The Seafarer 2021

Day of the Seafarer – a day used as an opportunity for communities around the world to recognise and give thanks to seafarers on the frontline, playing an essential role in maintaining the flow of vital goods, such as food, medicines and medical supplies – will be celebrated on Friday, 25 June 2021. This year’s theme is: ‘Fair Future for Seafarers’.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw seafarers on the frontline of the global response subject to challenges such as difficult working conditions surrounding uncertainties and difficulties around port access, re-supply, crew changeovers, repatriation, to name but a few.

In recognition of Day of the Seafarer this year, the International Chamber of Shipping is encouraging ships in ports around the world to sound their horns at 12 noon local time in honour of the day and to remind the world of the urgent need to vaccinate all seafarers. 

As a remote Island in the South Atlantic, St Helena has at many times felt the impact of disruptions to shipping. As a community we therefore express our thanks and gratitude to all Seafarers near and far, and in particular those that form a part of St Helena’s supply chain.

St Helena will join the ‘Shout out’ for Seafarers with a recording of a blast from the former RMS ship’s whistle to be aired on local radios at 12 noon on Friday, 25 June.

All are encouraged to acknowledge the blast and recognise what it means in today’s world.

#StHelena #FairFuture4Seafarers #ShoutOutForSeafarers


23 June 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470