Council Session Ends

On Monday, 2August 2021, the Governor signed the Proclamation ( formally dissolving the Legislative Council at one minute to midnight. This dissolution is constitutionally required after a four-year period.  The St Helena Government (SHG) Administration is now preparing for a General Election within the next three months. The next election will be an historic one. The first under a ministerial system of government.

There are a number of activities that have to take place before the election date itself can be fixed and more information on these will be published separately by the SHG Administration. A first and very important activity has begun. This is the updating of the Register of Electors for those not already registered to vote. The deadline for applications is Thursday, 12 August 2021.

The SHG Administration continues to perform its normal services. The dissolution does not affect the composition or function of the Executive Council but it is generally obliged to make decisions in line with what was previously agreed politically during Council prior to dissolution. No new ordinances, major policies or significant spending commitments can be made unless there is an emergency.  In the unlikely occurrence of an emergency, the Constitution allows the Governor to reconvene the Legislative Council as necessary. These interim measures are provided in the Constitution to ensure the ‘continuity of government’.

Governor’s Office, St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
3 August 2021

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