Consultative Poll on Governance Reform – How to Vote on Polling Day

St Helena will go to the poll on Wednesday, 17 March 2021, after Legislative Council unanimously agreed that a Consultative Poll on Governance Reform be held on St Helena.

The Poll will ask the public if the current Governance System should be changed, and if so, whether it should be changed to a Revised Committee System or a Ministerial System.

Polling Stations

Polling Stations will open from 10am until 7pm and will be located as follows:

Polling StationPresiding OfficerAsst Presiding Officer
Alarm Forest (St Mary’s Church)Brenda ThomasDeborah Knipe
Blue Hill Community CentreDiana WilliamsBelinda Piek
Half Tree Hollow Community CentreKaren YonMerlin George
Jamestown Community CentreOlive WilliamsJoan Yon
Levelwood ClinicBrenda StevensAngela Francis
Longwood (Harford Community Centre)Cecily BatemanPriscilla Isaac
Sandy Bay Community CentrePhyllis ColemanDelphia Stevens
St Paul’s (Kingshurst Community Centre)Jackie MoycePatrick Young

Voters must vote in the Electoral District in which they are registered, unless they have had an application approved by the Registration Officer to vote in a different Electoral District to which they are registered.

Upon arrival to a Polling Station, the voter should proceed to the Assistant Presiding Officer’s desk who will ask for their name and address. Voters will then be asked by the Presiding Officer if they know how to cast their vote and will explain the process if necessary. The Presiding Officer will issue the Ballot Paper to the voter who can then cast their vote in secret.

How to Vote

There are two questions included on the Ballot Paper.

Question One will ask whether or not the Current System of Governance should be changed. Voters will need to indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by placing an ‘X’ in the relevant box. If a voter places an ‘X’ in both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ boxes, the votes will be invalid and not counted.

Question Two will ask, if the public will is for change, whether voters’ preference is for a Revised Committee System or a Ministerial System of Governance. Voters will need to place an ‘X’ against either box a) Revised Committee System or box b) Ministerial System. If a voter places an ‘X’ in both box a) and b) the votes will be invalid and not counted.

It is important to note that even if a voter votes for no change in Question One, they can still cast a vote in Question Two. This is to ensure that their view is still counted if the majority of voters vote for a change of system, despite the individual themselves voting for no change. 

If a voter places a mark on a Ballot Paper by which he/she can be afterwards identified, the Ballot Paper will be void and will not be counted.

If a voter is blind, incapacitated or illiterate, and is therefore unable to mark the Ballot Paper his/herself, the Presiding Officer will mark it for him/her if requested to do so by the voter.

Counting the Votes

The counting of the votes and subsequent announcement of the result will take place at the St Helena Community College following collection of Ballot Boxes from the Polling Stations.

The count and announcement of the result will be broadcast live via both local radio stations.

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15 March 2021

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