Rupert’s Jetty Officially Opens

HE Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook and the Acting Head of Unit, within the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development from the European Commission, Mr Eric Beaum, officially opened Rupert’s Jetty on Tuesday, 18 February 2020, with a special ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony.

Eric who is visiting the Island for a holiday offered to officiate his presence on behalf of the European Commission and emphasise the European Commission’s ongoing support and dedication particularly in co-funding the construction of the Jetty.

Also attending the event were Elected Members, various SHG Officials, and members of Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc and AW Ship Management Ltd.

In HE’s welcome remarks, Governor Rushbrook said:

“It cannot be over-stated how vital this new port is to St Helena. This facility and the investment in it from the European Union (EU) have been the catalyst that has spurred on the wider development of Rupert’s Valley to become the industrial and mercantile heart of our Island. Without this jetty the MV Helena would not have access to easier off-loading of cargo. Without this jetty the wider development of cargo handling would not be possible in the near future, that is once the rock face has been protected. Without this jetty the potential for Jamestown to develop its local businesses and tourism offerings along the foreshore would remain just ideas in a written report. We all know the development of a modern economy for St Helena is still a work-in-progress but today, with the formal opening of this port facility, that work is given new impetus and encouragement.”

Eric also gave a short speech where he remarked on the admiration and pleasure which colleagues in the European Commission have, of working with St Helena. This was followed by a Blessing from Father Allan Williams.

Governor Rushbrook and Eric then declared the Jetty open with the cutting of the ribbon.

Governor Rushbrook concluded:

“I wish to thank all in the EU, in SHG, the UK and the wider community of St Helena who worked on getting this facility built and commissioned. Looking around at what has been achieved is a credit to all who were involved in the project. This is an example of money well spent on a vital piece of infrastructure for our future.”

A full copy of Governor Rushbrook’s speech can be found here.

Notes to Editor:

The construction of Rupert’s Jetty was a variation under the St Helena Airport contract and the Development Application was approved on 17 December 2013.

The Jetty was completed in 2016 with the taking over certificate being issued soon after.

The first vessel to dock at the Jetty was the MV Greta on 3 July 2016. The vessel was chartered by Basil Read to transport materials and equipment to and from the Island for the St Helena Airport Project.

The Jetty has since been used for cargo operations during the call of the MV Helena and on a few occasions has also been used for cruise ship tenders who believed that landing at James Bay was too risky.

St Helena has seen the merits of the Jetty and plans are afoot to transfer cargo operations to Rupert’s, which will complement this large investment.

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21 February 2020

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