New Fishing Licence System

St Helena Government (SHG) is introducing a new Fishing Licence system in an effort to ensure we fulfill our responsibilities in ensuring St Helena is fishing sustainably.

St Helena is lucky enough to have one of the most unique and fantastic marine environments on the planet and SHG is dedicated to protecting this. The Island’s entire 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone has been named as an IUCN category 6 marine protected area – defined as a protected area with sustainable use of natural resources.

The effective licensing and monitoring of fishing will allow us to ensure St Helena is fishing sustainably and safeguard fish stocks so they are available for generations to come.

There is an application window for commercial fishers and Sport fishing operators to apply for licences, this window opened on Monday, 9 November, and ends at close of business on Monday, 23 November 2020.

Although applications for recreational licences can be submitted at any time throughout the year, we encourage recreational fishers to also apply during this window as they will then be contacted regarding additional engagement activities (e.g. meetings) in the near future.

From Monday, 4 January 2021, a Fishing Licence will be required for all types of fishing from a vessel in St Helena waters. This includes vessels of any type as well as recreational fishing.

There are six different fishing licences currently available:

  1. Commercial Inshore – For commercial fishing up to 30 miles from shore
  2. Commercial Offshore – For fishing outside of 30 miles (Seamounts)
  3. Recreational – For angling, spearfishing or lobster potting. Fish caught cannot be sold
  4. Sport fishing Angling – For taking paying customers on angling trips
  5. Sport fishing Spearfishing – For taking paying customers on spearfishing trips
  6. Exploratory Fishing – This licence will allow a vessel to be used to conduct research whilst taking part in exploratory commercial operations.

To apply for a Fishing Licence you must complete the appropriate application form. Forms can be collected from:

  • Gerald Benjamin, Agriculture & Natural Resources Division, Scotland
  • Jason Sparks, Customs Building, The Wharf Jamestown
  • Customer Service Centre, Jamestown.

Completed application forms can be submitted to either Gerald Benjamin or Jason Sparks at the above locations.

Applicants should note that as part of the application a valid Boat Examination Certificate and Boat Licence (Issued by St Helena Port Control) will need to be produced.

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10 November 2020

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