HM Customs Team Strengthened

Five new Customs Officers (L-R): Ryan George, Raquel Johnson, Carlos Yon, Jade Leo, and Jordan Yon

  • Five new Officers within HM Customs have recently passed probation
  • HM Customs carried vacancies for a while before recruiting five new staff in 2019
  • The new resources have allowed HM Customs to offer a more efficient and effective service to the public

The HM Customs team which has previously carried vacancies has recently been strengthened with five Customs Officers, recruited in October 2019 – Carlos Yon, Ryan George, Raquel Johnson, Jordan Yon and Jade Leo – having successfully passed their probation period to become full-time staff of HM Customs & Excise.

This increase in resources provides HM Customs with the flexibility to potentially extend their services such as wharf operating hours during busy operation periods. This in turn results in an improved level of customer service to merchants, other importers, and members of the public.

Head of HM Customs, Sarah Botting, said:

“For quite some time the HM Customs team had carried vacancies. The addition of these five new Officers provides a greater degree of flexibility in deploying staff to cover frontline Revenue and Customs services at Jamestown Wharf, Rupert’s Wharf and the Airport, both in the operational and administrative areas of the business.

“All five Officers have settled into the Customs team very well and continue to progress well in the job as they embark on the next stage of their career within Customs.”

During their probation period, each of the new recruits was given a Mentor to help with their development. Following their induction recruits received training in Asycuda, Revenue Work, Airport Duties, Biosecurity and Personal Safety.

Sarah added:

“I would like to congratulate the five new Officers on successfully completing their probation period. The nature of the role of a Customs Officer means there is a lot of information to take on board and learn and all five new Officers have demonstrated enthusiasm and dedication to their new role.”

The new Officers will now carry out the duties associated with HM Customs. These include:

  • Effective control of passengers, crew and cargo arriving on St Helena and to detect and deter smuggling and fraud of prohibited and restricted goods on the Island, in accordance with legislation
  • Undertake a variety of operational duties at Jamestown Wharf and Rupert’s Wharf when the MV Helena is visiting, as well as Airport duties for scheduled, charter, medevac and private flights
  • Searching of cargo and baggage
  • Boarding vessels and clearing yachts in and out of St Helena
  • Revenue collection at the border 
  • Monitoring bond stores
  • Dealing with Asycuda queries from members of the public.

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11 September 2020

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