St Helena Water Levels Update

St Helena Island is currently under an Island-wide hosepipe ban enforced by Connect Saint Helena (CSH) on Monday, 24 June 2019.

Applications for Agricultural exemptions can be made to CSH and producers are reminded that exemptions granted to them are for water use on existing crops. Any new plantings might not be eligible for an exemption and is therefore undertaken at producers’ own risk. For further information please contact CSH or Agricultural Development Officer, Andrea Timm, via email:

CSH are continuing to pump water from Chubb’s Spring and Hutt’s Gate to Red Hill to replenish stocks in this area.

The raw water catchment at Osbornes in St Paul’s is completely dry (see photos attached) and there has not been any surface run off in this area since March 2019. This water catchment is normally one of the main sources of surface water for the Red Hill reservoirs producing, on average, 90 cubic metres per day.

The Island’s water stocks remain low with no significant rainfall forecast. There is just 34 days of storage volume remaining and the current stored water volume remains at 32.5%.

 If you see anyone using water irresponsibly or notice a burst pipe or leak, then please inform CSH immediately.

 Every drop counts, every action counts – everyone must save every drop of water possible.










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27 August 2019

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