St Helena Building Regulations 2019 Notification of Implementation

Executive Council has approved the revised St Helena Building Regulations 2019 which will come into effect on 16 August 2019. The Regulations are significantly important to all Contractors, Architects/Draftsmen, Stakeholders, Importers and anyone looking to develop on St Helena.

One of the most significant changes in the revised Building Regulations relates to notices that need to be given to the Building Control Service at all stages of the development construction. The changes to the stage inspection notices are very important for all developers and it is imperative that they adhere to the new requirements.

The revised stages for inspection affected are:

  • Site Preparation
  • Site Excavation
  • Building Set Out
  • Slab Preparation
  • Damp Proof Course (DPC)
  • Lintels
  • Roof
  • Drains Laid
  • Soak Away
  • Completion of Work

The St Helena Building Regulations 2019 also includes revised fees for the plan approval and building inspections. The fees, having remained unchanged since 2013, have been increased by 20%. A schedule showing the fees is included in the Regulations and will be applied as of 16 August 2019.

Where the development application includes more than one dwelling of identical design, there will be a reduction in the fee payable in respect of the second and third dwelling.

There will also be a fee reduction of 50% for application for development by registered charitable organization under the Charities Ordinance, 2005, and registered community association under the Community Centres Ordinance 1988.

To promote and assist with the understanding of the revised Building Regulations, the Building Inspectors will be available for one to one meetings, small groups or members of the public for drop-in sessions each Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am to 12:30pm until 16 August to discuss the revised Regulations. For those who are unable to visit the office, requests can be made to the Building Inspectors to be visited in their location.Chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee, Councillor Russell Yon, commented:

“This is an important milestone for the Government to have in place a more up to date Building Regulations to ensure future developments on the Island are built to higher standards and be more sustainable in their construction. The Planning and Building Control Service is also organising a meeting with contractors, developers and agents on Wednesday, 7 August at 1pm in Training Room 1, opposite St Helena Community College (below Pilling School) to hear how the service is promoting and delivering the needs of the construction sector. I would recommend that you take the opportunity to attend the meeting and meet with the officers to discuss the Planning and Building Control issues and the revised Regulations”

Copies of the St Helena Building Regulations can be viewed at Essex House during normal office hours and electronic copies are available upon request. Hard copies are available through the GIS Office printing service. 

The updated Building Control Ordinance including the revised Regulations are available to view on the SHG website on the following link:

Anyone wishing to discuss the Building Regulations 2019 may do so by contacting the Building Inspectors, Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Directorate, Essex House, Jamestown, or via email:  or

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25 July 2019

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