Social & Community Development Committee Meeting – Wednesday 12 June 2019

The Social & Community Development Committee (SCDC) held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, 12 June 2019.

It was agreed that the Disability Policy – to assess and support the needs of those within the community who require additional support to meet their basic needs – would be reviewed by the Director of Children & Adults Social Care and any proposed changes would follow due process. The current policy is being reviewed via the Social Security Review Working Group.

The Social Security Working Group reported continued progress on the complex piece of work to review the Social Security system and noted the need to feed any likely proposed changes into the Medium Term Expenditure Framework process which covers budget proposals for the next three years.

Work by the Immigration Working Group to review the Immigration Ordinance was likewise progressing well and nearing conclusion and is to be reviewed by an Immigration Official due to visit the Island in July. The public consultation exercise in due course is expected to take about two months.

Landholding forms part of the Immigration Ordinance Review but considerations regarding asylum are not included. However, the Committee noted that the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate is picking up on the Social Care aspects of this matter.

The recruitment exercise for carers was progressing well and to date four of the persons interviewed have been successful. The Committee supported the Directorate’s proactive approach to recruitment which will be ongoing and using all available media channels.

The Social & Community Development Committee consists of voting members Councillors Anthony Green (Chairman), Cyril Leo (Deputy Chairman), Kylie Hercules, Derek Thomas and Gavin Ellick and Non-Voting Members, Director of Children and Adults Social Care, Tracy Pool-Nandy, and Deputy Chief Secretary, Gillian Francis. The Committee Secretary for this meeting was Anne Dillon.

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2 July 2019

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