Rope Rescue Recertification Training

Scheduled recertification training for all existing Rope Rescue Technician Supervisors and the initial training of three potentially new supervisors took place between 6 and 11 October 2019.

The training was delivered by Technical Rescue Training UK Ltd Instructors Neal Pickersgill and Andy Barker. Candidates participating in the refresher and new supervisor courses were Alan Thomas, Matthew Benjamin, Daniel Yon and Jason Lawrence from the St Helena Fire & Rescue Service, Trevor Magellan, Deon Leo and Marc George from the Airport Fire & Rescue team and Rock Guards Darren Francis and Matthew Williams.  

The course is aimed at rescue technicians who are expected to supervise rope rescues operations and any work at height; this includes but is not limited to the requirement to organise, supervise and control rescues of people and animals from Cliffs and Crags, free standing structures and any other remote locations.

The delivery of training was ‘scenario based’ and supervisors were expected to oversee their respective teams, whilst they gained access to difficult locations to carry out work at height from ropes, cableways, or combined rope systems where no actual access could be gained by normal methods. In the event of an

emergency rescue and evacuation from height of an injured person, a variety of rescue techniques were taught. A supervisor’s role entails making risk critical decisions to the benefit of the casualty and to be capable of performing and briefing teams for any emergency rescue from any situation.

All supervisors are expected to sit and pass an additional written examination to enable them to be certified as Level 3 Rope Rescue Operator/Technician (RRO/T) Supervisors.

Brigade Manager, Alan Thomas, commented:

“Overall, the training was enjoyable but intense. For all existing and new Supervisors we are now certified to legally carry out our duties for another three years.

 “As Rope Rescue Technician Supervisors we are expected to maintain and develop our team skills. All new rope rescue operators can also be taught and certified by our current supervisors.

 “The many varied skills and techniques taught and learnt will be used as a basis to stretch the knowledge and develop the skills of the team. Every opportunity will be taken to incorporate other responder groups to help maintain and develop other rope users and responders. This will obviously take some coordination between our services but will ensure that all groups are monitored and have the opportunity to contribute to cross service training.”  

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17 October 2019

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