Raylisha Piek wins Jean Beadon Art Award 2019

The Education & Employment Directorate is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2019 Jean Beadon Art Award for the Primary Sector is Raylisha Piek from St Paul’s Primary School. Congratulations are extended to Raylisha for this achievement.

In 2nd place was Allie Fowler from St Paul’s Primary School and in 3rd place was Santina Stevens from Pilling Primary School.

The following children were highly commended: Blake O’Connor and Ty Young of St Paul’s Primary School, Ella-Mae Joshua and Katelyn Benjamin of Pilling Primary School and Bobbi Clingham of Harford Primary School.

This year judging was carried out by Mrs Joyce Duncan, Mrs Isha Harris and Miss Keisha Peters, all of whom have artistic talents. Special thanks are extended to the judges for their support to this competition.

All children were presented with their certificates and prizes during their Schools’ End of Year Prize Presentations. Art Folders were on display for all to view during each Schools’ Open Day.

The late Mrs Jean Beadon was particularly interested in the work of young people and set up a Trust to ensure the encouragement and development of artistic talents continues. The Jean Beadon Trust presents opportunities for children in the Year 6 class of the Primary Schools and in Prince Andrew School to win prizes for their art. The Education Directorate thanks members of the Trust for their continued support.

Thanks are also extended to all Year 6 pupils for their participation and teachers for their support and coaching. All awardees and participants are wished every success as they continue to enhance and develop their artistic talents in Prince Andrew School.

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12 August 2019

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