PAS Annual Certificate & Awards Presentation 2019

Prince Andrew School (PAS) held their Annual Certificate & Awards Presentation yesterday, Wednesday 11 December 2019.

Invited guests, including His Excellency Dr Philip Rushbrook and Mrs Rushbrook, along with parents, teachers, and students took their seats in the school hall at 10am.

In her opening speech, PAS Headteacher, Penny Bowers, focused on the importance and value of time. She gave history, facts, and breakdowns of how much time is spent in compulsory schooling. In closing, she said:

“I am asking you to invest in your time wisely, so that in one year’s time, or two years, or however long it takes you to get to the point where we are today, you do not have any regrets. The clock is running, so all students, all learners, whoever you may be, make the most of today.”

Governor Rushbrook made the first presentation of the day which was to students who had achieved certificates in General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), Vocational Related Qualifications (VRQ), Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level (A Level). Students achieving these awards were the former Year 11 class (GCSE and VRQ), Year 12 class (AS), and Year 13 class (A Level) of PAS.

Individual awards were then presented as follows:

Jean Beadon Art Award:              Harley Andrews

Harley Andrews with HE Governor Rushbrook

The Governor’s Award
Top KS3 girl:                                     Jaede Benjamin and Hannah Braaf
Top KS3 boy:                                    Mitchell Lawrence

PTA Awards
Year 11 Student of the Year:          Colby Thomas
Year 13 Student of the Year:          Jade Leo

SURE Awards
Top performing Year 11 girl:          Kelly Yon
Top Performing Year 11 boy:         Colby Thomas

Jeanette Williams Maths Award
Highest Achiever at A Level:          Kiera Francis
Highest Achiever at GCSE:            Colby Thomas

Keira Francis, Jeanette Williams, and Colby Thomas

Bishop Houghton Award:            Marcella Mittens

Marcella Mittens and the Lord Bishop, Dale Bowers

Joy George Award:                        Abigail Yon
                                                            Hannah Braaf
                                                            Philippa Castell
                                                            Brooke Yon  

Brooke Yon, Hannah Braaf, Joy George, Philippa Castell, and Abigail Yon

A further presentation was made by Director of Education, Wendy Benjamin, and Teacher Trainer, Frazer Stone, to staff members who had achieved passes in their respective Cambridge Teaching & Learning courses.

Student President, Colby Thomas, then gave a vote of thanks where he paid tribute to teachers, parents, and others who have helped students to achieve their goals. He finished with a quote by Rita Pierson:

“Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. I can definitely say that PAS has many of these champions to offer.”

Closing remarks were given by the Director of Education who chose to focus on two lines of the PAS song: ‘We are the future, yes we all are the future of our Island. We will endeavor, make our mark strong as ever on our Island’. Wendy spoke about the truth behind these words – that all students in attendance are the future of St Helena and that they, in some way or another, will make their mark.

The ceremony rounded off with the singing of the PAS song, with music played by the school band (on acoustics due to the loss of electricity). Invited guests, parents, teachers and awardees then enjoyed refreshments in the Foyer.

Head Teacher, Penny Bowers, concluded:

“We are very proud of all students who worked hard and achieved their qualifications. We are also pleased that just over a third of them have decided to return to Sixth Form at PAS. This shows the hard work and dedication that they put into their studies, and the staff at PAS wish them well in the next stage of their journey. 

“I would like to thank the staff at PAS for all their hard work and dedication in ensuring that all students receive the best education they can, to the parents for their continuing support, and most of all to the students – well done for working hard. We hope you will go on to work hard in whatever you plan to do next.”

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12 December 2019

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