Environment & Environment Natural Resources Committee and Highways Authority Meetings – Thursday, 19 September 2019

The monthly meetings of the Highways Authority and the Environment & Natural Resources Committee (ENRC) took place on Thursday, 19 September 2019.

At the Highways Authority meeting a warm welcome was extended to new Police Chief Inspector David Price.

Issues discussed included parking in Jamestown, which included parking on double yellow lines, illegal use of the disabled parking spaces, the limited parking area available and speeding. It was suggested that these items should be addressed through the regular Police radio programme with additional Community Beat support.

Road Traffic Signage was discussed, especially for the outer districts, and it was agreed that a site visit will be arranged shortly to view areas of concern. The Jamestown Parking Working Group together with the Senior Design Draughtsman are finalising the information collected from the walkthroughs of Upper Jamestown and it is envisaged that a draft plan of the parking arrangements for this area will be presented to the Committee within the next few weeks.

During the ENRC meeting the Roads Manager tabled a proposal to widen two areas of the Island’s road Infrastructure. The areas recommended for works at this time are in the vicinity of Gray’s Cottage, Vaughans, and the Blue Hill Road from the junction with Thompson’s Wood Road and Red Hill, to include Toby’s Ledge. Works are anticipated to begin shortly once the arrangements are finalised. The public will be informed when this work will commence.

The Acting Director of Environment, Natural Resources and Planning and the Invasive Plants Specialist provided an update on the Darwin Invasive Plant (IP) Project. The Committee was informed that this project is nearing completion and funding providers have agreed to extend the project until March 2020. This will allow the Invasive Plants Specialist to continue her work including integrating project IP trials results with farmers and land holders to provide them with as much information and methods to control the invasive plants which are a threat to their pasture lands. It was also noted that during this project some 17 members of staff from the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division, Roads Section and Saint Helena National Trust (SHNT) have been trained in the safe use of herbicides and three are now qualified trainers. James Fantom of the SHNT who is a project partner, also spent two weeks in South Africa on an additional invasive plant management course.

The Senior Design Draughtsman together with the Crown Estates Officer provided a progress report on plans to make available to the public, crown land for house building plots including some for new Government Landlord Housing. It was noted that the application for approval of homes to be built on the southwest Comprehensive Development Area at Bottom Woods has been submitted to the Planning Office. This proposal will make available 28 plots for house building and other associated works; to include the sale of plots for first time home builders, the sale of market value plots and some for the construction of Government Landlord Housing.

The Committee also discussed in length suggested locations for the recently procured replica fountain for Jamestown. It was agreed that the fountain should be erected on the pavement in front of the Canister.  This will be actioned when Enterprise St Helena undertakes the upgrading of this area.

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