Environment and Natural Resources and Highways Authority Committee – Thursday 15 August 2019 Meetings –

The monthly meetings of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee and the  Highways Authority took place on Thursday, 15 August 2019.

Signage to warn drivers of the blind bends on Field Road was discussed following reports made by several road users to the Police Directorate. It was noted that signs have been posted at the top and bottom of Field Road to warn drivers of this issue.

The misuse of the disabled parking spaces in Jamestown and parking on double yellow lines were once again raised and the Police Representative gave assurance that this would be addressed in their regular programme on both Radio Stations.

A request for street lighting in the car park at Ladder Hill adjacent to Rosie’s Taste4Life was discussed following reports of vehicle damage and anti-social behaviour in this area.   A security or movement detector light will be installed when one becomes available.

The Roads Inspector informed members that slurry trials have proven to be very successful for the Roads Maintenance Programme and the Roads Management team has agreed for its continued use in all areas.

Funding for Community and District roads was deliberated and it was agreed that this year’s allocation will be used to complete jobs that had been funded in the previous year. This approach will reduce the number of new applications for future funding.   Recipients of this funding will be notified by letter soon and they should liaise with the Roads Manager and Roads Inspector to ensure that these funds will be spent within the required time frame.

The public consultation period for the excision of lands from the SHG Forest Estate deemed to be unproductive for forestry purposes has been completed and the lands have now be transferred from the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division to the Crown Estates. These lands will be assessed by Crown Estates staff and will be advertised to the general public for future development.

The Acting Director of Infrastructure and Transport presented a paper addressing Social Housing on St Helena and the barriers facing first time buyers or builders.  SHG has not constructed any additional Government Landlord Housing for several years and with the increased number of applications on the current waiting list the allocation of the current stock has now become almost unachievable. Several propositions were tabled in this paper and it is envisaged that some land will become available soon to enable private development of homes and the construction of several Government Landlord Houses.

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