Councillor Clint Beard to attend Westminster Seminar on Effective Parliaments

Councillor Clint Beard departs the Island on Saturday, 23 November 2019, to attend the 68th Westminster Seminar on Effective Parliaments, hosted by the UK Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA UK) in London between 25 and 29 November 2019.

The Seminar is a five-day programme of theoretical and practical sessions which will allow delegates to learn about effective parliaments, using the Westminster example as a starting point, as well as being able to share views and experiences of their own legislatures.  

Sessions will include Effective Parliaments; Our Roles and Responsibilities, Diversity within Parliament, The Political Scene Around International Trade, Public Engagement, Social Media and Democracy; A Balanced Approach, Communication, Privilege: Standards, Behaviour & Etiquette, Impact of Committees, Local Democracy and Effective models of scrutiny – The example of the London Assembly.  Delegates will also have the opportunity to tour the Parliamentary Estate, visit the Parliamentary Archives or participate in a Focus Group to share their learning from the Seminar.

Councillor Clint Beard said:

“I am looking forward to representing St Helena at the 68th Westminster Seminar which will be attended by over 70 parliamentarians and clerks from all over the Commonwealth. I intend to pick up as much information as I can and gain valuable knowledge and relate to common issues that others experience and look at how others deal with these.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity and ability to network and also discuss politics happening all over the world and just see how unique our issues are. I believe the Westminster Seminar will be able to grow my political mind and benefit me in my future. I hope to achieve skills in parliamentary governance and procedures and effective leadership. I believe attending will also be a good way of promoting St Helena Island and engaging with people to show how wonderful our Island is and get them to spread the word to visit.”

The CPA UK’s Westminster Seminar provides a unique platform for participants to meet their counterparts from across the Commonwealth, build lasting relationships and explore the role and functions of parliamentarians/clerks in depth. The expected outcome from the Seminar is for delegates to have an enhanced understanding of how to effectively scrutinise, represent and deliver oversight in their respective parliaments.

Notes for Editors

The annual Westminster Seminar is CPA UK’s flagship capacity-building programme for parliamentarians and appointed procedural/committee clerks from across the Commonwealth.

Each year the five-day programme provides a unique platform for participants from across the Commonwealth to network and engage with counterparts, exploring approaches to parliamentary democracy, practice and procedure in the context of the Westminster System and drawing comparisons between Commonwealth legislatures.

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19 November 2019

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