‘Charlie Boar’ Seamount Officially Accepted

‘Charlie Boar Seamount’ has been officially accepted by the sub-committee on Undersea Feature Names (SCUFN) as the name for the newly mapped seamount 30 nautical miles South East of St Helena.

The name ‘Charlie Boar’ was put forward by Mia Henry of Jamestown, the winning entrant in a competition run earlier on the Island this year by SHG and St Helena Tourism. ‘Charlie Boar’ was the nickname of Mia’s Grandpa, a well-known seafarer on St Helena.

The proposed name was submitted to the SCUFN on behalf of the Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha on 4 March 2019 by Dr Martin Collins from the British Antarctic Survey, reviewed at the SCUFN32 meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in August and officially accepted on Monday, 11November 2019. The seamount was mapped during a joint Blue Belt Programme/British Antarctic Survey of St Helena and Tristan da Cunha waters back in 2018. During the marine survey scientists also studied the biodiversity on the seabed floor using a camera system and collected biological specimens from the waters using scientific nets. 

Mia said:

“There were a few people who had suggested that the seamount be given this name and in thinking about ‘Papa’s’ life, it felt right and writing my competition entry came easily. It helped to know that others were in support of this.

“The name itself could only be ‘Charlie Boar’ as this was how he was known, particularly within the fishing and boating community. Whenever somebody had a question about the sea; be it the conditions, fishing, land marks or history, they were referred to ‘Charlie Boar’, as everybody associated him with the sea.

“I spent a lot of my childhood ‘out in the boat’ with ‘Papa’ and one of my fondest memories is being a part of the flotilla that welcomed the RMS for the first time.I guess it was then natural for me to become a seafarer also.

“My family and I are very happy that the naming is now official and can’t wait to see it in black and white on the chart – a symbol of Charlie Boar’s love of the sea.

“We hope that the rest of the Island, and the team responsible for the discovery of, will share in our celebration of the Charlie Boar seamount.”

Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook added:

“The discovery of this seamount was a very special achievement and what better way could there be but to name it after a well-known seafarer from St Helena. His family and all on this Island are delighted by this international recognition.”

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18 November 2019

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