The Children & Adults Social Care Directorate renamed their residential dwellings at the Princess Royal Community Care Centre (CCC) with a short unveiling ceremony at the CCC on Monday, 3 June 2019.

In attendance were Councillor Anthony Green, Director of Children & Adults Social Care, Tracy Poole-Nandy, Quality Assurance & Policy Lead, Gavin (Jack) Thomas, various staff and volunteers of the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate, residents of the CCC and representatives from the media.

During the ceremony, the group of attendees were guided around the CCC and were shown the five new wooden plaques which had been wall mounted outside of each residential dwelling. Five persons from the group were chosen to unveil a plaque and give background information as to why the particular names were chosen. The plaques were made using local wood by a prisoner of HM Prison Jamestown.

Up until the unveiling of the new name plaques, the residential dwellings were referred to as ‘blocks’. Recently, staff and residents of the CCC ran a competition and came up with names which they would like the dwellings to be called. The residential dwellings are now called: Sunny Ville (previously known as A-Block), Honey Ville (Blue-Block), Arum Ville (F-Block), Golden Ville (Green-Block) and Rose Ville (Red-Block).

In his opening speech, Gavin (Jack) Thomas gave context to the importance of creating a homely environment and how the name changes added to the homeliness of the CCC. Gavin also gave a special mention and thanks to Mr Larry Stevens of the Agriculture & Natural Recourses Division for kindly donating the wood, Prison Manager, Heidi Murray, for her support and to one of the prisoners of HM Prison Jamestown for crafting the wood into the five name plaques. Gavin said that this was a milestone occasion in the directorate’s history, which coincided with the renaming of the directorate and lots of other important developments currently underway.

Manager of the CCC, Wendy Henry, explained the reasons behind the name changes for the residential dwellings, the significance of moving away from reference to ‘blocks’, and the importance of residents feeling proud of where they live – existing and new residents. All of the names submitted related to flowers.

Notes to Editor

From Saturday, 1 June 2019, the Safeguarding Directorate has been renamed as the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate.

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4 June 2019

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