The Airport Access (Haul) Road will open to the public from 12 noon on Friday, 7 June 2019.

The opening of the road brings a number of benefits to the Island including better alternative access between Jamestown, Rupert’s and Longwood and will in turn reduce the volume of traffic that currently passes through Longwood to access the Airport and make these areas safer for the public.

Speed limits on the Airport Access Road will be between 30 and 10 miles per hour. This is to ensure that speeds match the road structure. St Helena Police advises the public that these are maximum speeds, so drivers should match their speed to the prevailing weather and road conditions.

Appropriate signage including speed limit signs will be in place at each of the seven sections of the road.

Chief Inspector Mike Miskell said:

Please drive carefully especially when first using the road and whilst unfamiliar with it. It’s anticipated that the new Road will attract more traffic, which it turn will raise the traffic on the road from the Briars to Rupert’s Bay.  This is a still a narrow road, so care should be taken.” 

St Helena Police will be increasing their patrols on this road to promote road safety.

Tune in to your local radio stations for further advice on using the Airport Access Road responsibly.

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4 June 2019


St Helena Government Communications Hub

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