• St Helena is currently experiencing a Moderate Water Shortage
  • The raw water stock at the current consumption and replenishment rate will last for 36 days
  • Reservoir levels currently at 40% and getting lower by the day
  • SHG are aware of the situation and with Connect Saint Helena are monitoring water levels on a weekly basis
  • Residents should look to reduce water consumption and use water responsibly

As a result of exceptionally dry weather conditions, St Helena is currently experiencing a moderate water shortage with around 36 days of raw water level stock available on the Island and reservoir levels at 40% capacity.

The St Helena Resilience Forum (SHRF) has been made aware of the situation and Connect Saint Helena Ltd (CSH) will continue to provide the SHRF with weekly data to monitor the shortage.

At the moment, reservoir levels are getting lower. This is because we are consuming more water than we are collecting coupled with the lack of consistent rainfall which is needed to recover the reservoir levels.

On average we are consuming 280,000 litres more than we are collecting from our raw water stocks each day. St Helena residents are reminded that we are experiencing an Island-wide water shortage and it is everyone’s responsibility to take great care in using this precious resource. Consumers are urged to reduce consumption wherever possible.

To replenish water stocks, at Hutts Gate CSH are continuing to pump water from Fishers Valley pump main to Willow Bank and at Red Hill pumping water from the Chubbs Spring water system.

CSH monitors water and collection daily and will continue to keep the public updated of the situation on a regular basis.

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23 May 2019

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470