There are many reasons to call the St Helena Police Service. You could be calling for information, to make an enquiry, to disclose confidential information, or to make a report.

When a person is making a report, there are a few important questions that will be asked by the Police Controller. This is to allow the Controller to gain as much information as possible.

When making a report, the Controller or Officer taking the report will ask you the following questions:

Who is calling?

  • Give your name and date of birth

Where are you calling from?

  • State your current location and if it is the scene of a crime/incident
  • If you are unsure of your exact location, try and give the Controller a general idea. This could include where you were travelling from and to, or any landmarks that can be seen from your current location. This is to give Emergency Services responding a good idea of where they need to go and the quickest way to get there

Who is involved?

  • Name the persons involved whether it be yourself, a friend or family member, or a complete stranger
  • State if you are calling on behalf of someone else

What has occurred?

  • Give a general account of what has happened to the best of your knowledge
  • Take your time and speak clearly

Are there any injuries?

  • Inform the Controller of any injuries sustained, whether it is to yourself or someone else. The Controller will then inform the Emergency Services of what to expect when they arrive
  • The Controller will have immediate contact with trained medical staff who can give you advice on basic First Aid. This could mean the difference between life and death

Do you need the Fire & Rescue Service?

  • The St Helena Fire & Rescue Service is fully trained and can be called upon to assist in an emergency
  • If there is a fire, explain the type of fire (bush fire, electrical fire, house fire, car fire etc.)

Are you reporting a Road Traffic Collision?

  • Give details on the collision including how many people were involved, if anyone is trapped, and if there are any injuries
  • Check whether you can smell fuel and let the Controller know
  • Note if the vehicle/s are causing any obstructions

Are you reporting a theft/burglary/break in?

  • If possible, list what has been taken and where the items were taken from
  • Name anyone suspicious that you might have seen in the area
  • Give details of any signs of a forced entry

Are you making a Missing Person/s Report?

  • State how long he/she has been missing for
  • Explain what efforts have already been made to locate the person
  • Give details including what they were last seen wearing, who are their friends and family, where they would usually go, why you believe they are missing and if you know why or what has happened for them to go missing

Are you reporting a Rock Fall?

  • Give the location of the rock fall
  • State if any injuries or damage has been sustained from it

Are you reporting an Assault?

  • Confirm whether yourself or someone else was the victim of the Assault
  • Name who is involved, what has happened and where it has occurred
  • State whether any weapon was used and if any injuries have been sustained
  • Give the perpetrator’s current location if you know it

Are you reporting an incident at sea?

  • Confirm whether you will require the professional services of the St Helena Sea Rescue team, who will be promptly called to assist
  • Give as much information as possible such as your name, contact details, last known location, sea conditions and weather conditions
  • Explain what has happened (e.g. boating incident) and state how many people are involved or how many souls are on board
  • If you are sending a Mayday/SOS call from sea you will need to call the Coast Station, call sign ‘St Helena Radio’ on VHF 16.

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20 June 2018

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