St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were held but were not as well attended as in previous months.

However, concerns raised in the various districts included:


The Bottom Woods community raised concerns about vehicles speeding on Bottom Woods Road and along the road towards the Airport. The community would like for the Highways Authority to take action, and would appreciate if speed bumps are put in place to prevent speeding and potential accidents, and to assist with the overall safety of the residential community

Police have shown a high visibility presence within the area both on foot and mobile. Road Safety Policing is in place, and any anti-social use of Island roads is being targeted. Drivers are reminded that they will be stopped and dealt with if they continue to drive in an anti-social manner. The Highways Authority is aware of the suggestion regarding speed bumps.

Sandy Bay

The road leading to Sandy Bay Beach is in need of repair. The number of ditches is considered to be dangerous to vehicles and pedestrians

Enterprise St Helena and the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate are actively exploring options to address this matter in the near future depending on resource availability.

St Paul’s

There were concerns about the amount of loose grit on the road at Plantation Square

 The Roads Section has been informed of this issue. However, until the issue has been dealt with, Police are asking all drivers to proceed with caution in this area.


Residents would like to see speed ramps in the Rupert’s area to reduce vehicular speed and enhance community safety

 The Police will patrol at busy times in order to provide an effective deterrent. Police have also been in contact with the Roads Section to see if consideration can be given for speed ramps, and are awaiting a response.

Inspector Julianne Benjamin said:

“For last month’s surgeries the attendance was not as positive as previous months, therefore we encourage the community to let us know what time works best for them and where they would like to see us. We understand that people are busy but we want to help address any issues that are taking place in your area. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you!”

 District teams can be contacted via the below details should you not be able to attend the surgeries:

 To contact Team 1 – Tel: 25301 or email:

To contact Team 2 – Tel: 25302 or email:

To contact Team 3 – Tel: 25300 or email:

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8 February 2018

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470