St Helena Police continue to consult with the public as part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were held in various districts during December 2017, with a range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised included:


Concerns were raised about vehicles speeding outside of Silver Hill Shop. Members of the public felt that speed bumps would help as a public safety measure.

 This repeated issue has been put to the Highways Authority who are waiting on funding. In the meantime, Police will continue to visit this area, and appeal to all vehicle owners to drive responsibly with care and abide by the speed limits.

 Sandy Bay

Concerns were highlighted about flax overhanging the roadside. This issue is considered a danger to road users, especially to motorcyclists who have to manoeuvre to the centre of the road to avoid the flax. This act is likely to cause accidents.

 This matter has been forwarded to ‘Report It, Sort It’ who will provide an update.

The road leading to Sandy Bay Beach is in need of repair; it has a lot of ditches and is considered a danger to vehicles and pedestrians.

 This issue has been forwarded to ‘Report It, Sort It’ who will provide an update.

Alarm Forest

There are continued concerns of vehicles speeding in the Alarm Forest area.

Police are patrolling at busy times to have an overt Police presence as an effective deterrent.

Members of the public feel there is a lack of road signage in the Alarm Forest area.

This repeated issue has been sent to the Highways Authority. Police are awaiting a reply.

Children are being transported in vehicles on passengers’ laps without any restraint.

There is currently no legislation preventing drivers from carrying children on passengers’ laps.  However, this is not a safe practice and any drivers seen carrying children in this manner will be advised about safer  methods  and will be given details of the Child Seat Scheme (if appropriate and applicable to the driver).


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4 January 2018


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