Trainer & Research Lead for the Safeguarding Directorate, Paul Bridgewater, departs the Island on Saturday, 26 May 2018, having completed his contract with St Helena Government (SHG). 

Paul first arrived on St Helena in September 2014 and completed a three-month contract within the Safeguarding Directorate as a qualified Social Worker.

Paul returned to St Helena in September 2015 as the Adult Social Care Manager. Paul has led the development of an Adult Social Care team and has been central in the changes needed to meet the demands of an increasing need for adult social care in the community and within the residential services.

Director of Safeguarding, Matt Ansell, said:

“Paul has been passionate about ensuring people are included in society and he has worked closely with colleagues in residential care to promote adults with learning needs in their independence and ensuring they have a choice in society.

“Paul will be missed by all the staff within the Directorate; he has been a valuable member of the team and has played a big part in developing the skills of local staff.”

Paul moved to his current role in September 2017 focusing on developing training pathways and also undertaking some research. Paul has successfully developed a range of training programmes for local staff to enhance their skills and practice. Paul’s research focuses upon understanding local context and culture and how this needs to influence the development of adult social care legislation.

Paul said:

“I have been employed by SHG for around three years, it has not always been easy but for me that is what life is about. I have found that when the Island comes together it can achieve some amazing things. I think about the RMS trips for vulnerable adults and the Happy Hearts Club.

“Adult Social Care remains on a journey on St Helena and it should be Saints who drive it on. In many ways I think the world could learn a lot from how Saints ‘care’. I will take away the amazing uniqueness of this Island. I have often just stood and looked around thinking ‘wow’ this place is special.”

Suzie Nixon remains in post as the Adult Senior Social Worker and will be picking up aspects of Paul’s role once he departs the Island. The Directorate is currently interviewing for a new Adult Social Care Principle Social Worker who will take forward the work that Paul has achieved over the last three years.

The Safeguarding Directorate wishes Paul and his family all the happiness in the future.

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24 May 2018


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