In August 2017 the Safeguarding Directorate implemented a trial period of ‘visiting hours’ at the Community Care Centre (CCC)  to ensure that the privacy and dignity of all the people who live at the CCC was upheld and respected.

In order to ensure that the impact of any change in policy was understood, a period of gaining people’s views and opinions was undertaken. This has included the CCC Manager, Wendy Henry, contacting friends and family members who visit people in the CCC to gain their views, discussion with the Human Rights Commission and also a period of wider public consultation where the community was encouraged to provide feedback at various drop points.

The directorate has received few negative remarks about having a visiting hours policy and during the trial period staff have observed a number of positives for the residents who live at the CCC.  It is therefore the intention of the directorate to continue with the policy of visiting hours with the clear understanding that there is flexibility within this and specific situations will be discussed and agreed with the manager at the CCC.

The directorate will review this policy every six months to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the people who live at the CCC.

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5 December 2017

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