St Helena Police continue to consult with communities across the Island as part of their new Neighbourhood Policing programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were well attended in May, and a vast range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised in various districts include:

New Ground

Concerns were raised about the Government Garage staff at Donkey Plain testing the brakes on their vehicles on the road from New Ground Point to the Government Garage. This practice is seen as being dangerous and raised concerns for public safety

Officers contacted the manager of the Transport Division about this concern and are awaiting his response.

Concerns were raised about broken bottles and litter being deposited near the sitting area at New Ground Point. This is an area where people gather to pass the time to have a drink and enjoy the company of friends

Officers recognise the need for social engagement but request that persons using this area leave it clean and free from litter. This is your environment and a lot of effort has been made to enhance the area and provide a safe place for our children to play. The community clean-up team for the St Paul’s district has put in a lot of effort and hard work in beautifying the area. You can help by keeping the area clean and user friendly. Waste management has been contacted and informed of the concerns made. Officers will visit this area during their patrols.

Half Tree Hollow

A request was made to police for a ‘Lollipop’ Lady to be present at the bus shelter near Half Tree Hollow Clinic in the morning and afternoon during the times the school bus picks up and lets off children. Concerned members of the public and parents felt that this is an area that needs a Lollipop Lady because it is very busy and can be dangerous for children crossing the road

Officers have contacted the Education Directorate on the issue and are now awaiting a reply. Road Safety Crossing talks will be carried out in schools by the police in the coming months to help educate children in road safety.


Residents asked if consideration could be given to having speed bumps at Silver Hill as a deterrent for speeding vehicles

The Roads Section were notified and police are awaiting further updates on this. Officers will continue to carry out high visibility patrols in the area and will continue to educate drivers, deter speeders and prosecute offenders. Anyone with concerns about speeding should contact the police with your information.

Concerns were raised that the area at the bus shelter near Nevergrove needs some street lights

A visit has been made to the area during the hours of darkness and it is necessary for street lighting in the area. Officers have spoken to ENRD who advised there is an issue with funding to purchase and install additional lighting, however, consideration will be given to this request.

Sandy Bay

Residents in the area reported that work has started on verge cleaning and is ongoing which is pleasing to see

Officers also made a visit to the area and work is progressing well.


Residents felt that the Beach and the Run areas need to be cleaned from litter and shrubs need to be cut

The area was visited by officers – a clean-up is needed – police have contacted ENRD who said a waste collection and litter pick-up is done twice a week, before and after weekends. Communal wheelie bins have been placed in the area to increase waste capacity in bins. The public is reminded to please use the bins provided. Police are awaiting response on the cutting of the shrubs.

Concerns have been raised about the old vehicles around people’s homes and in the area

Officers spoke to ENRD but they are not responsible for the removal and disposal of old vehicles. This responsibility lies with the owners who are encouraged to dispose of their old vehicles through private arrangement.

Concerns have been raised about the condition of the walkway bridges that are in need of repair. The boards need changing and the bridges need painting

Officers spoke to the Crown Estate and are awaiting a response from them

There is a need for additional street lighting near people’s homes

A visit has been made to the area during the hours of darkness. Whilst officers don’t see a need for a street light near each house, there is a need for additional lighting in the area. ENRD were notified but again there is an issue with funding to purchase and install additional lighting, however, consideration will be given to this request.

Beat Surgeries for June have been announced. Consultation is not limited to these events and any concerns can be raised and discussed personally at Police Headquarters or in writing, or with any Officer.

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13 June 2017


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