Executive Council met today with five items on the Open Agenda.

Sitting as Planning Authority, the Governor in Council considered and approved an application for Outline Planning Permission in respect of the Half Tree Hollow Comprehensive Development Area (CDA).  This application set out 33 demarcated (to be fully serviced) land parcels in addition to 25 Landlord Housing Units to be accommodated in three apartment blocks, four semi-detached houses and two detached houses.  Council noted that the application did not satisfy the objectives of the Land Development & Control Plan in respect of Sustainable Sewage handling, and Council requested an urgent meeting with Connect Saint Helena Ltd to consider this very important aspect of the application.

Executive Council then considered the Welfare of Children (Children’s Residential Home) Regulations 2017.

There is no provision in the current law which regulates, by providing procedures or standards, the Children’s Home which is under the control of the Safeguarding Directorate. The law currently regulates private children’s homes run by individuals (although there are none in operation at the moment). The Regulations deal with standards and procedures for the Children’s Residential Home (‘the Home’). The Home provides long term or temporary care and accommodation for children in the care of the Safeguarding Directorate. The Regulations cover the procedures, standards and practices that must be followed at the Home as well as the standard of management, the conduct of staff employed to care for the children who live at the Home and provisions to ensure that standards of quality are maintained by way of departmental reviews.

Executive Council recommended the Welfare of Children (Children’s Residential Home) Regulations 2017 for enactment subject to the input of the Safeguarding of Children Board that meets on 14 December 2017. 

Council then considered and recommended for enactment the Petroleum (Amendment) Regulations, 2017 to come into effect from 31 December 2017. 

The Petroleum Ordinance and Regulations regulate the importation, storage and handling of petroleum and also provides for the Public Health Committee to issue licences to deal in and sell petroleum.  

The licence fees payable by applicants are contained in the first schedule to the Petroleum Regulations and have been recently reviewed by the Health Directorate and Public Health Committee. 

It has been determined that the current fees do not cover the administration cost for the Health Directorate and Public Health Committee to assess and process petroleum licences.  It was also noted that these licence fees have not been reviewed or changed in more than 10 years. The current and proposed licence fees do not cover the cost of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Police Directorate to carry out their safety checks as part of the licensing process. 

The fees proposed reflect the administration cost of processing petroleum licences and have been increased as follows: 

  • The fee to store petroleum will increase from £5.50 to £20.00
  • To sell petroleum from a fixed pump will increase from £33.00 to £60.00
  • To sell petroleum from a moveable pump will increase from £2.20 to £20.00
  • The fee to deal in and sell paraffin – for each premises where paraffin is dealt in and sold will increase from £1.10 to £20.00

Council considered and recommended publication of the Port & Aerodrome (Health) Bill, 2017. This will be presented at the first session of Legislative Council in the New Year. The existing Ordinance and Regulations are outdated in that they refer only to the port and vessels but make no provision to air access. This Bill extends the current legislation to the Airport and gives the Health Directorate powers to inspect aircraft, take measures to control the spread of infection or contamination, inhibit disembarkation at the airports and other measures, such as detaining individuals where there is a suspicion that they might pose a danger.  It was agreed that further information about the Bill should be released in the coming days.

The Rabbit Control & Destruction Trial Rules 2017 paper was deferred pending further advice.

The meeting concluded at 11.30am.

It was noted that this would be the last meeting before Christmas and on behalf of the Executive Council, I extend good wishes and Season’s Greetings to everyone.


12 December 2017


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