Executive Council met today with only one item on the Open Agenda.

Council considered and approved a 5.7% increase in the Minimum Income Standard (MIS) in line with current policy for the financial year 2017/18. It was agreed that the basic level of Income Related Benefits (IRB) for a single person will increase from £61.60 per week to £65.10, with the maximum amount of Basic Island Pension (BIP) increasing from £63.70 per week to £67.30.

It should be noted that those individuals or households receiving benefits under Transitional Protection will not necessarily receive an increase in the overall amount of benefits which they are currently receiving.

These rates will come into effect from 1 December 2017.

Corporate Finance will be distributing letters to all recipients of BIP and IRB informing them of their new weekly entitlement.

The MIS is based on a basket of goods and services including the following:

  • Food & drink, based on healthy international diet guidelines
  • Utilities
  • Clothing, shoes
  • Essential items, cups, washing-up liquid
  • Toiletries
  • Bus fares
  • Newspaper

Executive Council also agreed that the rates payable in respect of MIS will be reviewed twice-yearly. Councillors noted that there would be a separate piece of work forthcoming which would look at exemptions of medical charges, including when people were in receipt of BIP. 

The meeting concluded at 11.30am.


17 November 2017


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