Over the past few months, everyone on St Helena has pulled together and made a significant reduction in our water usage. The graph below shows the reduction in use compared to last year.

Our combined effort means that we have been able to meet demand without too much impact on our very limited stored water resources. However, with no significant rainfall, the stored water resources will soon dwindle if we don’t all keep up our effort. Every drop saved now helps to make the reserves last a little longer. It is therefore essential that we do not become complacent and instead continue to conserve as much water as we can for the coming months.

Please encourage friends, family, visitors and neighbours to do the same. Every drop counts, every action counts – please do your bit.

Consumption in 2016 compared to 2015

December and January are traditionally periods of higher water use as people are at home, relaxing, and may have friends and family visiting. We are anticipating that demand will increase – but if everyone continues to be careful, we are hoping that use will remain lower than last year.

Legal Restrictions

 The Island-wide legal restrictions are still in force so we all have to put up with dirty cars, dirty windows and brown gardens for the foreseeable future. In addition to these legal restrictions, please continue to do all of the little extra things that you have been doing to save every drop – such as recycling water, flushing the toilet less frequently, using less water to wash up etc. The little things all add up to make a big difference.

These legal restrictions do not apply to ‘Grey’ or recycled water. Water that you collect from your roof into a water butt or recycled washing water may be used for any purpose.

St Helena Resilience Forum

20 December 2016



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