On Friday 18 November 2016, Island reservoir levels had increased to 14,551 cubic metres – around 12% of total capacity. This increase is largely attributed to run-off from recent rainfall. Again, as welcome as this rain was, we still need much more in order to increase reservoir levels.

Until the reservoirs reach at least 50% full, St Helena remains in a critical situation.

Unfortunately, water consumption last week crept up slightly from around 900 cubic metres a day to just over 1000 cubic metres. With this in mind, all St Helena residents are again reminded to exercise great care and restraint when using water. Every drop counts, every action counts – please do your bit.

To maintain the balance between water coming into the system and water being used, Connect is continuing to bowser water from other sources. But we all need to continue to do our bit and reduce our use. If you see anyone using water irresponsibly then please inform Connect.

The public is reminded of the Island-wide Legal Notice now in place which restricts the use of water for essential purposes only – defined as drinking, cooking and personal washing. Personal washing is washing yourself, clothes and bedding etc in order to maintain your personal cleanliness. The Legal Notice applies to all water sources Island-wide, which includes The Run water and private borehole and spring water.

The Legal Notice prohibits use of all water sources, except ‘grey’ (recycled) water. Rain water which is captured from roofs into water butts is classed as ‘grey’ water and may be used for any purpose without an Exemption Notice.

Although these legal restrictions apply universally, Connect can grant Exemptions on a case-by-case basis. Anyone who wishes to use The Run or other private sources of water for any of the prohibited purposes must apply for an exemption.

Essentially, if you want to use water for anything other than personal washing, cooking and drinking, you must apply for an Exemption Notice.

Exemption Notices which expired on 31 October 2016 are not automatically renewed. Anyone requiring an exemption must apply for reassessment.

Leaflets and posters containing water saving tips have been distributed to local shops and public buildings and people are encouraged to pick up a leaflet to see how they can limit their water use.

Members of the public are also advised that a transcript of the Press Conference held on Wednesday 16 November 2016 is now available on the publications page of the SHG website at: https://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/publications/


St Helena Resilience Forum

22 November 2016





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