The St Helena Police Service and SHG Roads Section need the assistance of the community.

 We are offering a reward for information leading to the recovery of property or arrest of persons responsible for the senseless and irresponsible acts of theft and criminal damage to property installed for public safety:

  •  Theft of Convex Traffic Mirror

 During the month of March 2016, the Convex Traffic Mirror on Ladder Hill Road was stolen.

  •  Criminal Damage to Pathway Lights

 During the months of February and March 2016, the Pathway Lights illuminating Jacobs Ladder were smashed.

 We encourage those who have knowledge of these acts to come forward. We are offering a reward for information leading to the recovery of the property and/or the arrest of any person/s directly or indirectly involved with the stolen Traffic Convex Mirror and/or the Criminal Damage to the lights.  

 Should those responsible regret their actions and wish to turn themselves in, then they are encouraged to do so. These persons should do this as soon as possible and they will be given credit when it is decided how to dispose of these cases.

 Information can be given anonymously by calling our Helpline (recorded message) on telephone number 22888, but to claim the reward you will need to identify yourself.

 Persons with information can call:


Jonathan Thomas

Acting Chief Inspector

Police Community Section

Police Head Quarters Jamestown

Tel: 22626 ext 213

Ben Hathway

Roads Manager

Roads Section

Environment & Natural Resources Directorate

Roads Depot, Donkey Plain

Tel: 23765 or 23640

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

 Acting Chief Inspector, Jonathan Thomas


4 May 2016


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