As part of the ongoing improvement of the capability of the St Helena Police Service, firearms training is planned for early 2017 to enhance the firearms skills of individual Police Officers. Firearms are not routinely carried by Police Officers on St Helena and this will not change – so the public will not notice any difference once the training is completed.

As part of this overall capability, a number of Officers have also been trained in the use of the Taser. These will not be routinely carried by Officers on St Helena and authority to carry and use a Taser can only be given by a Senior Police Officer.

Whilst it is important that Police Officers have the right capability to best protect our community in any circumstances, I do not envisage many deployments of the Taser. This is due to the low crime rate and low level of threat to Officers in general.

Essentially, the Taser training is part of the overall development of a firearms capability which is required as part of the security arrangements for the Airport, as well as dealing with all eventualities on St Helena. The introduction of the Taser does not result from any specific threat.

Note to Editors:

Chief Inspector Riley is available to provide further information as required.

Trevor Botting

Chief of Police

22 July 2016




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