Working in partnership, ENRD, the Sea Rescue Service and the Fire & Rescue Service are providing an Amnesty for Marine Distress Flares that have passed their expiry date for safe operation.

Flares are considered dangerous pyrotechnic devices and should not be used after their expiry date – which is printed on the side of the Flare – usually 3 years from the date of manufacture (which is also printed on the side).

From Monday 14 March to Friday 18 March 2016 expired Flares can be taken to the Sea Rescue Base at the Wharf and handed in for safe disposal.

Please contact the Sea Rescue Service to arrange a time to deposit your flares, at the following:

Sea Rescue Base         tel: 25215

Sea Rescue Manager   tel: 25052 or e-mail:

Simon.wade@sainthelena.gov.uk or craigscipio@helanta.co.sh



7 March 2016


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