p1010158St Helena Waste Management Services is pleased to offer a new Secure Data Disposal Service at the Horse Point Landfill Site.

It is expected that new legislation on Data Protection will be enacted on St Helena in the foreseeable future to incorporate the principles of the Data Protection Act (1998). The Secure Data Disposal Service will allow St Helena Government and private sector businesses to comply with Data Protection legislation and ensure that all confidential material held on media – including paper, card, USBs, CDs and DVDs – is disposed of in a secure and non-retrievable manner.

The implementation of this Secure Data Disposal Service contributes towards the following national strategic objectives:

  • Increasing local and inward investment through an enhanced business environment
  • Financial self-sufficiency through increased local revenue
  • Community life is strengthened by being protected from serious harm

p1010162Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, said:

“Advances in technology have enabled organisations to process more and more personal data, and to share information more easily. This has obvious benefits but it also gives rise to equally obvious security risks.

 “Under the Data Protection Act, organisations are responsible for the security of personal information, including data held digitally and on paper. Information security breaches can cause real harm and distress to the individuals they affect.

 “Secure data disposal is more important than ever. Our new Secure Data Disposal Service gives customers the peace of mind that sensitive material is permanently destroyed, preventing any data from getting into the wrong hands.”

 Bookings to use the service can be made with Mike via telephone number: 24724 or e-mail: mike-
.Operations will be managed at Horse Point Landfill Site by the Landfill Manager.

The Secure Data Disposal Service is a ‘Paid-For’ service. The fees applied are simply to offset costs.


Secure Data Waste Shredding   

  • Compacted paper/card files (no metal parts) – £10 per standard household refuse bag
  • Compacted or other waste types – £10 per standard household refuse bag
  • Where emergency disposal is required (outside of designated Secure Data Disposal Service hours) – an additional £5 per standard household refuse bag will apply to cover additional staff time
  • Where legal compliance is required – an additional £10 per visit will apply to cover additional staff time

Attached are photos of the service in operation at Horse Point Landfill Site.



13 December 2016



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