St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their new Neighbourhood Policing programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were well attended, and a vast range of subjects discussed.

Below are some of the concerns raised in the various districts and the actions taken:

Blue Hill

  • Speeding vehicles, pot holes, raised drains and overgrown verges

Officers have met with the Highways Authority to discuss possible traffic calming measures and maintenance

  • Litter and broken glass at Blue Hill Shop

A new bin will be placed at the shop this week, supplied by ENRD

  • Unstable rocks on cliff face at High Hill

A survey has been conducted by the Rock Guards and the area has been declared safe

  • Overhanging trees touching electrical wires

Connect will conduct a survey


  •  Speeding vehicles and the need for railings in Longwood Road and Deadwood Road

Officers have increased patrols locally regarding speeding. The Highways Authority has agreed to install new railings in Longwood Road but are awaiting funding

  • The need to have a new walkway from Harford School to Longwood Avenue to improve pedestrian safety

The Highways Authority has agreed that this is a priority for the next financial year


  •  Road conditions, gutters to be covered, fire hydrants to be more visible

Officers have been in contact with the Roads Section and these issues have been raised with them

  • Disabled parking

The concerned person was spoken to and informed that when officers see a vehicle not displaying a sticker that is parked in a disabled parking space, Police will locate the driver and request them to move.  Concerns over more disabled parking were also raised, and the person was informed that during the festive period, Police would normally allocate a few more disabled parking spaces. This would be handed onto the Highways Authority for consideration

  • Overgrown trees

This issue has been handed onto the relevant agency for consideration

  • Painting of the lines and parking spaces in Jamestown

All concerns brought forward were handed to the Roads Section

  • Speeding vehicles and the increased noise level of vehicles

This concern will go hand in hand with the Police Drink Drive Campaign and officers will deal with all drivers according to our campaign objectives

Some concerns are still being addressed, but once completed, these will be fed back to the community

The Police ‘Christmas Drink Drive Campaign’ is now well under way. The ‘Don’t get Smashed’ posters have been widely distributed to raise awareness. Additional stocks can be collected from St Helena Police headquarters.

Chief of Police Trevor Botting said

“I am delighted that members of the community have taken the time to meet with my policing team and share their concerns. We are committed to working with the community and other agencies on St Helena to respond to the issues that residents are concerned about to make St Helena a safe and secure place for all.”



13 December 2016



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